Our people and culture

Our people are what drives our business. At HDG we build a collaborative, inclusive environment that empowers our employees to thrive.

We’re all about unstoppable ambition and confidence to bring new ideas to the table. Our people are the most important asset of our company, and we want to develop them so they can grow in their careers and give their best always.

We create a culture of passionate people who want to be around each other. Sharing ideas and opinions where they feel enabled to do what’s best for the company continually passing the team baton.

Happy Drinks Group champions the power of diversity, equality, and inclusion to not only enhance our workspace but to also fortify our influence worldwide. With the dynamic array of talent in our ranks, we're energised to shake up the industry and catalyse a positive transformation.

HDG's expansion from a single brand (Skinny Tonic) to a manufacturing powerhouse is a story written with authenticity. Their 45,000 sqft manufacturing plant isn't just a facility; it's a validation of their genuine commitment to excellence. Every can and bottle is a chapter of their story, filled with the essence of a mission that's as real as it gets all while staying true to their roots—innovating, inspiring, and always giving back.