Our business model.

At HDG we're not just leading; we're reinventing the game in drinks manufacturing and branding. Our approach? Bold and uncompromising. Combining Manufacturing, Innovation, and Brands, we're driving real change.

Our model? It's all about impact. From shaping revolutionary drinks to smart marketing, efficient warehousing, and seamless fulfilment, we're the force behind a complete soft drinks evolution.

50,000 sqft dynamic manufacturing facility in the UK with annual capacity of 255 million units.

AA BRCGS rated 2022 & 2023, leading the way in exceptional food safety and quality standards.

End-to-end brand building and content creation, delivered through a state-of-the-art studio.

Retailing of products through HDG owned and operated websites, marketing, and influencer platforms.

Dedicated fulfilment hub, redefining speed and efficiency, ensuring every online order is a seamless, lightning-fast journey from our door to yours.