From bold beginnings to manufacturing excellence

It all started with a defiant idea: to create a drink that challenged the status quo. Skinny Tonic born from founder Ian Minton’s personal quest for zero sugar enjoyment, wasn't just a response to a personal health challenge; it was a statement to spark change.

The journey from inception to industry-leading manufacturing was no easy experience. HDG faced down the giants of manufacturing constraints, turning each ‘no’ upside down and under the leadership of Ian Minton, HDG didn't just join the industry—they set out to lead it. With assertive strides, they carved a niche where others saw barriers, turning 'impossible' into 'I'm possible.'


HDG's expansion from a single brand (Skinny Tonic) to a manufacturing powerhouse is a story written with authenticity. Their 45,000 sqft manufacturing plant isn't just a facility; it's a validation of their genuine commitment to excellence. Every can and bottle is a chapter of their story, filled with the essence of a mission that's as real as it gets all while staying true to their roots—innovating, inspiring, and always giving back.