Welcome to Happy Drinks Group, the epicentre of tomorrow's soft drinks industry. We’re an ambitious, multi-million-pound soft drinks company that lives at the intersection of innovation, fun, and thirst quenching satisfaction. Our home is a sprawling, 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, accredited with the coveted BRCGS AA rating, cementing our commitment to the highest standards of food safety, quality, and operational efficiency.

At the heart of our business is our ground-breaking Innovation Kitchen, the largest of its kind. With the vision of a world-class culinary mastermind and the precision of a science lab, this facility is the birthplace of flavours that challenge the conventional and delight the daring. We fuse timeless classics with trendsetting ideas, creating drinks that are not just refreshments, but ultimate experiences.

We are not just a soft drinks company; we are a brand powerhouse. We're a game-changer, a trendsetter, and a trailblazer. Our portfolio is filled with brands that have not just captured market share, but hearts and minds too. From kids longing for a fizzy afternoon treat to adults seeking a guilt free refreshment, our drinks are designed to bring joy to every palate.

At Happy Drinks Group, we believe in the power of innovation, the thrill of creativity, and the importance of having fun while doing it. We push the envelope and break boundaries in the world of soft drinks, never ceasing in our quest to create the drinks of the future.

We envision a world where soft drinks are more than just drinks. To us, they represent a vibrant, exciting future - a future we are actively shaping. Our ambitious goals are matched only by our passion for the art and science of beverage creation, making Happy Drinks Group an unstoppable force in the realm of refreshment.