Happy Drinks Group's Successful Visit to SMI Group HQ in Italy

Happy Drinks Group's Successful Visit to SMI Group HQ in Italy


In May Happy Drinks Group had a productive trip to the SMI Group headquarters in San Pellegrino, Italy. Our primary objective was to finalise installation details for the highly anticipated Hybrid bottling line and meet the project manager responsible for its implementation.

Our visit to the SMI Group headquarters showcased a perfect blend of cutting-edge innovation and time-honoured traditions. The facility captivated us with state-of-the-art technology while paying homage to the craftsmanship that has defined the industry. It provided an inspiring setting for our business discussions.

With meticulous attention to detail, we focused on ensuring a seamless installation process for the Hybrid bottling line. Collaborating closely with the project manager, we addressed intricate aspects, sought clarifications, and shared our valuable insights.

San Pellegrino's rich historical heritage and vibrant family-run businesses added a delightful dimension to our visit. Exploring historical landmarks and immersing ourselves in the stories of the local community enriched our experience. The warm hospitality extended to us made our time in San Pellegrino all the more memorable.

The visit to SMI Group HQ proved to be a highly successful and insightful experience. Delivery of machinery and equipment has already begun and the team at Happy HQ are preparing our site ready for the imminent commissioning of our new hybrid bottling line.

The introduction of our new hybrid line will further expand our manufacturing capabilities allowing us to produce in Glass, R Pet and Aluminium from 200ml to 1 litre.